Can't Cope, Won't Cope

Can't Cope, Won't Cope is a darkly comic drama detailing the unravelling of a friendship between two co-dependent young women as the hangover wears off and their lives and priorities begin to radically diverge.

Genre: Comedy , Drama

Country: Ireland

Duration: 23 min

Quality: HD

Release: 2016

IMDb: 7.2

Season 1 - Can't Cope, Won't Cope
"It\u2019s Thursday night, the girls are out. Bright lights, high hopes. Friday\u2019s hangover is worsened by Aisling\u2019s annual review in work. The company actually want her to upskill and they\u2019re planning to pay her more, like. Her worst nightmare. Likewise Danielle has a creative wobble in college with mounting pressure from her lecturer to really push her work before her end of year exhibition. To block it all out, the girls hit the town. A typical drunken night ensues and Danielle leaves Aisling to the boy who\u2019s flirting with her. Danielle is accompanied home by a rickshaw driver and Aisling wakes up in a bed that may be too close to home\u2026"
"A brutal hangover and work pressures mount for Aisling, but she deals with them as only she can, quickly and with surprising success. Celebrations ensue when Aisling gets the company out of hot water. When the company drinks turn into a fully fledged night out, Danielle joins Aisling and the girls take off on a giddy adventure to the beach where they come across an empty car with the keys still in the ignition. The night takes a turn when Aisling takes the fun a step too far and Danielle is hit by reality."
"Aisling returns to her home town of Mallow at the behest of her mother, who has some stunning news to impart."
"Aisling and Danielle go on a day trip to spend quality time together, but things go wrong when they miss their bus back to Dublin and home truths come out in a raging argument."
"Aisling faces some serious consequences for her actions and must act quickly to ensure that Danielle is not drawn into the mess."
Season 2 - Can't Cope, Won't Cope
"Aisling tries to figure out what Ryan's feelings are for her when he asks her to accompany him on a business trip, while Danielle throws a party and a drunken tantrum in Vancouver."
"Aisling takes things further with Ryan, but then Danielle comes home from Canada and work life is not so rosy for her after all. Comedy drama, with Se\u00e1na Kerslake and Nika McGuigan."
"Aisling finds herself torn between Danielle and Joe as her new life starts to crumble. Comedy drama, starring Se\u00e1na Kerslake and Nika McGuigan. Last in the series."